Title: Small Things
Date: 5/11/1998
Posted: 7/4/2001



Small things…..

Small steps are the only way to get any place worth going.

Small words are the only way to move big ideas.

Small tokens offer the only reward for virtue.

Small lies are the best veil for colossal truths.

Small compliments are more loving than volumes of flattery.

Small kisses are the only way two souls can touch.

Small actors feel better about themselves if there are small parts.

Small lessons are better learned than dissertations.

Small budgets make the talent work harder.

Small penises make the sports car industry what it is.

Small signs are sometimes easier to read.

Small hands can still feel the weight of the world.

Small rulebooks make the game more fun to play.

Small bills can buy ice cream easier from street vendors.

Small miracles move a world further than the towering intervention of divinity.

Small tires look silly on big cars.

Small shoes fit better on small feet and vice versa.

Small rainstorms are more romantic than clear skies.

Small jealousy feed a lover’s ego.

Small promises are harder to keep.

Small convictions are stronger than a crusade.

Small excuses can camouflage incompetence.

Small poems can sometimes say a great deal.

Small tears are much sadder than a hysterically crying person.

Small men are crushed when they let their guard down.

Small animals make the most popular stuffed animals.

Small distances feel farther than the other side of the globe.