Title: Hand of God
Date: unknown
Posted: 7/4/2001





We are all in a sense hands of God. I shall not stand in the

pious perch of the pulpit and shout to the heavens of our

collective spirituality for I am not worthy of such a charge. I

shall however make it known that I am a believer of our mutual

purpose to seek, find, and practice a level decency. Our duty is

not consumption, it is not possession, and it is not attainment of

status. It is in part , however, equity, sharing, and striving for a

higher understanding of our fellow man. We are many hands and

many hands should make the load lighter and the work shorter. We

should be mindful of our responsibility, celebrating where we succeed

and punishing with impunity and wrath those who fail us in our efforts

to walk into the gates of our father's house with the clean sweat of

Godly labor cascading from our righteous hearts.